How Do Houseplants Relieve Stress And Reduce Anxiety?

If you’re looking for something simple to improve your day, then houseplants are definitely something worth looking into.

Houseplants relieve stress and reduce anxiety in many ways, they give you a sense of nature, increase productivity, act as a change of scenery in your life, give you something to care for and improve the quality of air you breathe.

The physical benefits continue, through increasing your exposure to nature with houseplants you can experience:
– Lower blood pressure
– Improved mental productivity
– Increased creativity
– Better sleep quality
– Help fighting depression.

There are many reasons why houseplants help people reduce stress and anxiety, one of the most obvious ones is that it reminds us of nature.
We spend our whole lives surrounded by straight edges and enclosed spaces. We very rarely get the opportunity to literally stop and smell the roses. The presence of a little slice of nature will improve your mood and remind you that there is more to life than deadlines and taxes. There is a whole world out there, it moves at a slower pace and is there for you to enjoy. This is instantly calming.

There have been many studies to back this up. One in particular introduced plants into a workplace. This study found that it dramatically improved the mood and productivity of the employees. 37% noted a decrease in anxious feelings, 38% a reduction in fatigue and 37% reported feeling less hostility and anger in the workplace. If this is the benefits that are being seen in a workplace, somewhere which naturally can bring on stress and anxiety, imagine what having houseplants can do for your own home.

Another reason why houseplants relieve stress and reduce anxiety is that they give us something to care for and needs our attention. They don’t cry when they’re hungry or yell at you when you don’t water them on time. Being able to nurture something is something that we as humans crave. Owning and caring for houseplants satisfies this craving and fills a void a lot of us have in life. The real positive is the fact that you cant really go wrong. These plants are resilient, most will get by with just a bit of water every now and then but you yourself know that you’re giving that plant what it needs to live.

There is a more simple reason why houseplants and plants in general help reduce stress and anxiety, they’re mostly green. Green is the colour of nature, it reminds us of the great outdoors. Look outside the window in your office at work, or go for a walk down a busy street. There isn’t much green to be seen. The absence of this colour can be detrimental to humans because without it, it can be seen as an absence of life.
Re-introducing something as simple as a colour into your world can make a huge difference and work towards reducing stress and anxiety. So grab a houseplant next time you’re at the gardening store and see the difference.

Having plants in your house can also improve the air quality in your own home or office. They take the carbon dioxide in the air and turn it into oxygen. An environment that is rich in oxygen has been proven to increase productivity, reduce stress and relieve anxiety. By bettering the air quality within your home you will also be able to take advantage of some physical benefits. You will be breathing higher quality air, this will more efficiently oxygenate your blood, blood which feeds your brain and muscles. It will reduce the amount of pollution you breathe in as well which will always be a plus.

Most of all, plants and houseplants are extremely calming. Have you ever walked through a forest, field or been on a hike? You know that calm feeling that comes over you, you stop, breathe in the fresh air and at that moment you are at your calmest. This is what houseplants bring into your life, albeit at a smaller scale, they will calm you, reduce your stress and relieve anxiety.

Don’t just take my word for it, ask anyone who owns houseplants. They simply make you happier, they certainly go a long way to keeping you stress free and reducing your anxiety. You’ll have something to take care of an another presence of life in your own world.

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