Growing Strawberries Indoors: Can you grow Fruit as a Houseplant?

Have you ever wondered if you could grow strawberries indoors as a houseplant? Well the answer is YES. Strawberries make great houseplants, one which will give you a delicious sweet treat as well.

Growing strawberries can be incredibly rewarding because as the grower you get a reward, the strawberries! They also produce beautiful flowers, not only will you get some delicious fruit but you’ll have a great looking houseplant too! There are a few factors that make growing strawberries indoors easy, and there are some things you will need to address before you even start. Overall, with good maintenance, strawberries will make a great houseplant and one that you will love.

What do you need to start growing strawberries indoors?

Before you start growing your strawberries indoors, you need to find a place in your house that will get at least 5-6 hours a day of sunlight. Fruit plants, especially berries, respond very well to lots of sunlight. Great places to grow strawberries would be a window sill, next to a glass door or on a balcony. If you are unable to provide your strawberries with adequate sunlight, then you may have to give them artificial light for 12-14 hours a day. This will ensure that they grow properly and are able to produce fruit.

The pot that you use can be very important. Strawberries have fairly shallow root systems. This means that you can have multiple plants in the same spot. You do have to be careful though because if the plants become overcrowded, mould may become an issue when the plant cant dry out efficiently.
Strawberries can also be a decorative plant with their sprawling stems and bright red fruit, so a pot which will give the plant ample room to spread out or even hang over the sides would be ideal.

How do you take care of strawberries indoors?

Strawberries are fairly low maintenance plants and they will take almost anything you can throw at them. Maintaining a strawberry plant is incredibly easy. First thing that you need to make sure of is that they’re getting enough light. As mentioned before, this is critical to their growth and also their fruit production.

Strawberry plants like soil which is slightly acidic, ranging from 5.3 pH to 6.2 pH. If all you can produce is neutral soil, this will be adequate however it wont give the best growing conditions for your plants. You can purchase soil pH testing kits from your local garden centre or hardware store. These kits will be able to tell you what pH range your soil is.

Well draining soil is also a must for strawberry plants, they do not like to be sitting in overly moist dirt. If you need to mix through something to space out your potting mix to be able to achieve a well draining soil, then do so. This will ensure that your plants grow well and it also reduced the chance of rot.

Speaking of rot, you’ll need to pay attention to the crown of your plants to make sure that they are not sitting below the soil line. If the crown is below the soil, rot is inevitable. This isn’t something to stress about as the plant will try it’s best to grow without issues, if your pot becomes crowded though, you will have to keep an eye on this as the plants will fight for position.

Your strawberries only need to be fertilized every other month or so, they are not too picky with the amount of food they receive. However they are picky with the type of food they get. It is best to use organic fertilizer as it is proven to give the best results in strawberry plants.

When watering your strawberry plant indoors, you wont need to keep it constantly moist, in fact, less is more. You’ll only need to water your plants when the top inch of soil becomes dry. Any more often than this and you’ll be hampering your strawberry plant’s success and not allowing it the time to breathe. It is best to water in the morning as this is when the plant will respond best, it will also give the plant plenty of time for its crown to dry so it doesn’t start to rot.

When your plant begins to fruit it is important to pick your fresh strawberries as soon as they ripen. You will be getting the best tasting fruit if you do this but it will also encourage the plant to produce more fruits for you.

What is the best type of strawberry plant to grow indoors?

You shouldn’t have issues growing any kind of strawberry indoors however it is best to choose an ever-bearing plant when possible. Ever-bearing means that it can produce fruit more than one time a year. Usually two but possibly sometimes even more! Going with an ever-bearing variety will keep you interested in your strawberry plant all year round.

You can grow strawberries from seeds if you wanted to, it is much easier to grow from seedlings or already producing plants however. The germination process for strawberries can take a very long time. To avoid disappointment from waiting and to start enjoying your new plant soon, get something already established.

What should you do after you pick your strawberries?

After your strawberry plant is finished its fruiting cycle it is important to take care of some routine maintenance in order to ensure that the plant doesn’t get to big and that it will produce more good fruit in the future.

Once you’ve picked off your strawberries, it is important to prune your plant, removing all of the outside leaves, long running stems but leaving the crown and young leaves in the middle. By doing this pruning you will stop the strawberry plant from getting too big and bushy whilst also encouraging new growth for the next fruiting cycle.

So there it is, now you know that you can grow strawberries indoors as a houseplant extremely easily! They will bring much joy to your life as you’ll be able to eat the delicious sweet fruit that they produce while also enjoying the lovely aesthetics of a wild strawberry plant inside your own home!

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