Can You Use A Tampon To Fix An Overwatered Plant?

Yes! You can most definitely use a tampon to fix an overwatered houseplant. They are obviously incredibly absorbent (for clear reasons) so by putting one in the overwatered soil will soak up the excess water and avoid the overwatering.

How to tampons help an overwatered plant?

Like explained above, a tampon is extremely absorbent and by soaking up the excess water in the soil it will decrease the likelihood that your plant will receive any ill affect. It is important to recognise when you’ve used too much water, or if the drainage isn’t adequate so that your plants don’t suffer, and when you do realise that you’ve overwatered, this technique should help a lot.

How many tampons should you use for an overwatered plant?

Well this entirely depends on the size of the pot and how much you’ve overwatered it by. A general rule of thumb that you can stick by is to space the tampons two inches apart in the pot. This will give them room to soak up and expand.

How do you know when you’ve fixed the overwatering?

You’ll see the tampons swell as they soak up the excess water, after an hour or so you can take them out and go on with your day knowing you’ve saved your plant from being overwatered!

Make sure to share this tip with your friends! It may help them a lot in the future! It is a bit strange, but hey, if it works give it a go!

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